About Us

Banri Hirano

Co-Director, Head Facilitator, Future Globe Japan

Suzanne Leigh

Co-Director, Head Materials Development, Future Globe Japan

Banri Mitsuo Hirano and Suzanne Leigh have over 20 years of combined experience as seminar and intensive facilitators, business trainers, materials developers, writers, editors, and teachers.

Jointly we also have business experience in a variety of fields such as human resources, law, insurance, financial technology, real estate, data privacy, marketing, copywriting, startups, and project management.

At the prompting of our clients and students in 2012, we started Future Globe Japan to address a lack of business English support in Japan. 


What is Future Globe Japan?


Future Globe Japan began with a few seminars in Shinjuku, Tokyo on Mastering the TOEIC, and Business English Presentations and Negotiations. 

Today we’ve added custom private and in-house options and English writing support for all ranges of business English communication — from whitepapers to speeches.

Our approach is always caring and sensitive, yet focused on preparing our clients to be successful at accurately expressing themselves using business English in their work environment — speaking, writing, and presenting.

Our mission is to provide our clients with the most effective language necessary to succeed in global environments.